Esler Edge Consulting can help your business grow. We can assist with starting a business, business decision making, streamlining your process, and much more.

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Exit Strategies

Where do you go from here? At some point, your business will go through a transformation. Whether you leave it to your children, sell it to another entrepreneur or close it when you retire, your business needs a plan.

Technology & Digital Strategies

Overspending on the latest and greatest gadgets is an easy trap to fall into. A little guidance into where to focus your resources will go a long way.

Human Capital Development

Great employees don’t just happen. Knowing who to hire is essential but knowing what to do after the hire is even more important. Learn how to keep and grow the human component of your business.

Marketing & Branding

There’s no greater tragedy than having a great product or service and falling short on that first impression. Understanding the importance of a strong brand and effective marketing is a big step towards entrepreneurial success.

Practical Assessments

It’s easy to feel overly confident and fall into a ‘comfort trap’. Getting an honest, outside assessment of where you really are can help identify some untapped potential and overlooked problems in your business.

Procedures & Processes

Taking your skill or product to the next level means scalability. Developing efficient processes helps minimize wasted time and energy and increases your business’ profitability.

Leadership Structures

Management can lead a business to great new heights or unfathomable depths. Knowing your leadership needs and grooming the right people for those needs will help keep you on the positive side.

Strategic Partnerships

It takes a village to raise a child. Your business is going to require nothing less. Making the right connections and building the right partnerships will help propel your business forward.

Business Plan Development

One of the keys to keeping your business laser-focused and finding funding is a clear and practical Business Plan. Writing a Business Plan might be the best exercise an aspiring entrepreneur could engage in